Stock Request: MINE

I am interested in the ticker MINE (Minerco, Inc.).

Pleassseeee. I want to be rich :slight_smile:

Please could you add

MINERCO INC (MINE) its an otc but would be good to use on invest


Could you please add stock called: Minerco ($MINE)?

Thank you!!

@jtm @Bunghi @KnightSkunk @tombbomt

MINE is not penny exempt so cannot be added

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Thanks. But there are already stocks added like COUV, ABML and so on that don’t have “Penny Stock Exempt”
any explanation ?

As the above post says. Because it comes with “immense regulatory scrutiny & burden”.

It was probably becoming too resource intensive to add and maintain them.

And the obsession with “penny stocks” has exploded on here so it probably became too much.


Thanks, been some huge gains with penny stocks, probably, reason why people are getting more interested on them.
have good day

Could we possible add MINE please

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Please add OTCMKTS: MINE

Did you check if it is Penny Stock Exempt?