New Year, No News…

Hi all,
Am I the only one who was expecting some news/features or press releases from T212 this month?

Honestly I was expecting UK signups to return, maybe some new features or something new on the horizon or briefed out. Have I missed an announcement of some sort?


The announcement with all the new OTC stocks not counting as an announcement?


OTC stock trading on 212 is redundant to me, too many trading restrictions placed on 212 via IBKR. OTC is risky at the best of times but there are still buy restrictions on certain OTC stocks.

That being said any stocks being added is great for the wider consumer base, but my chain of thought was more towards bigger announcements than instrument additions. Now if you said a new foreign exchange was being added, I’d say that’s worthy.

I was just expecting 2022 to at least start with UK customer registrations re-opening or some other service or feature announcements we’ve all been hoping for.


Not quite the “big announcement” you may be expecting, but we did have this.


I’ve been waiting to set up a new account pretty much since they stopped onboarding new users, so even a ballpark timeframe at this stage would be enough for me :joy:


Like really? Adding JAPAN and POLAND but not CANADIAN markets?
Don’t really get this… a lot of new stocks from sectors that only exist in Canada and US only trade on NEO or CSE.

Plus, how hard it is to fix the damn click-through to stock page in the Pie holdings view -.-


Maybe some news about new fees soon, because “we will prepare exciting new features” :smiley: , stay tuned!
(in cause someone doesn’t pick up the joke, that’s what they said when they introduced fees for cross currency buys/sells and for depositing via card)

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Patience is a virtue I guess. I am looking forward to some of the features in the pipeline alluded to in the Poll forum. I’m happy to wait if it means they roll out a better product upgrade rather than a half assed and rushed implementation. Ideally first half of this year would be good but time will tell. I remind myself these are all ‘extra’s that I was happy to sign up to without but are all useful to people in different ways.

On the fee front, I would hope for 212 to remain competitive with other platforms that we see no more fees, with the exception maybe of in specie transfers out and things like that which could be justified to help keep the platform fees lower for other users.