T212- What features are in your plans for 2023

T212- As per the title, I just wanted to know what we could look forward to in the new year? I couldn’t find an existing thread so made one

Investors- What are you looking forward to/hoping for?


Great topic, but i suspect they’ll play things close to their chest until a feature is ready to ship. Still curious though.


Thanks for getting the ball rolling

Yes, I know where you are coming from

I asked before regarding SIPP and LISAs, they stated that they’re not high priority

So, I was curious to know what is the high priority work atm. With the new tax year around the corner, we have to make a decision regarding which broker we want to commit to for another year

Are you looking forward to anything?

@Soh there was a good thread at the start of this year - a poll of features that everyone voted on so 212 could see what was high up on users priorities. Perhaps you could collect a list of requests and see what folk are keen for in 2023?

For me, given the UK tax rule changes, it would be amazing if we could get mutual funds on here as well (but probably for a small fee). Would be excellent to have everything in one place. I think Fidelity used to partner up with Cavendish online?, Cav took 0.05% and Fidelity charged a 0.2% platform fee.

I doubt 212 would do this as a lot of effort to implement and there are a lot of mutual fund platforms out there.

In terms of what I’m looking forward to, more markets (Japan), and once IB support inspecie transfers, I hope 212 would as well. Not that I plan to move soon, but options are always good!


Hey @Dougal1984 that’s a good idea, do you know if the author of that thread is still active? We could ask him to do the poll again, I think a poll is too fancy for me to do

I like the idea of mutual funds, have T212 ever commented about this? I did see IE mention they are looking to extend from ETFs, to shares/mutual funds and increase their tax wrappers etc. Easier said than done though

Good idea, let’s check :sweat_smile:



Funny guy, you can create another poll and link it on this thread?

I assume you are making reference to the lowering of the annual capital gains and dividend allowances…
Just a question, how are mutual funds beneficial?
Is it because it is easier to know when you have reached your allowance and have to pay tax?

For T212 there would obviously be the benefit that if customers have everything in one place you are less likely to change platform in the future, whereas if you already have different platforms for different things you are constantly looking around for new products/platforms so are more likely to change.
Also it could lead to more assets under management, especially with new offerings such as SIPP or mutual funds.

Edit: I’d personally be quite keen on new markets :smile: (Japan, Poland, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, even small ones such as Demark or Sweden).
SIPP and mutual funds would also be of interest for me, but already have arrangements for other things so would be keener on more stock markets :smile:.

I know that access to USA/Europe Options have also been requested/suggested before.



Just adds more variety of investment options in one place.


It would be nice to have a one stop shop really, like with me I really like the HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index (the fund that’s in Sharia pension plans). So if my tax wrapper was on T212, I would need a different one elsewhere to be able to buy this fund for exposure

New account types, such as Sipps and Lisas, would be top of my list but I’m not holding out much hope of seeing either offered any time soon.


Yeah, I am in the same boat. They did say SIPPs will be available 2021 Q1 sometime ago, maybe that’s what is putting them off giving an ETA. Now they’re saying LISAs/SIPPs are on the roadmap just not high priority, so can’t give an ETA

InvestEngine giving similar responses, although on their community a staff member said SIPPs are coming soon. Their range of investments are a lot more limited though, at the moments it literally ETFs which have a base current in GBP/GBx. They do hint at broadening this, again no timescale…

I think I would prefer having a SIPP/LISA with T212 due to the investments available (adding mutual funds would be great) and low fees

  • Pies in pies
  • Automatic pie rebalancing once or twice a year
  • Being able to execute orders directly from TradingView
  1. SIPPs

  2. Dividend data/diary (why do we not have one yet??? Seriously!!!)

  3. Better tax reporting. Have you ever tried to file a HMRC tax return and need endless datapoints? It’s mad. Try doing an Excess Reportable Income for your ETFs. It’s really stupidly annoying.

  4. More ETF data. Why can we not see and understand what is “underneath” the ETFs we hold? I’d like to know so I can remove any that overlap too much.


So to try and summarise everything for a 2023 poll, do I have the following correct?


  • API connection with external apps such as WallMine
  • Limit orders for fractional shares.
  • Inspecie Transfer (transferring in/out of stocks with another broker).
  • Option to blur out portfolio values in web / app view.

New Markets:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Singapore
  • Sweden
  • UK - ASX Segment(not on IB)


  • Automatic Pie rebalancing.
  • Pies in Pies.
  • Pies - set rebalance / auto investment times to correlate with open/mid/close market.

Portfolio Data:

  • Analyst Forecasts in app.
  • Custom PDF Holding reports - All / Pie level / security level at a set date (to help say claim for investor perks).
  • Dividend data / diary.
  • Dynamic History tab - selectable start/end dates to say align with calendar or tax reporting years.
  • Improved Tax Reporting.
  • More ETF data.
  • More Price Alerts
  • Option to add notes in app.
  • Performance - Time weighted Rare of a return at pie/portfolio level vs chosen benchmark.

Product Expansion:

  • Bonds
  • Extended Hours Trading
  • LISAs
  • Mutual Funds
  • Options trading
  • SIPPs
  • Tradingview direct execution.

I’m probably missing several things and can likely rename a few / sort out the above into categories, but do we think it would be good to poll for important features / changes users would love to see in 2023?


By more ETF data, does that include costs/charges?

Maybe something around filtering of instruments to make it easier to find ETFs. Currency not just exchange and dist v acc

Not sure if this is covered within “Portfolio data”, but I would suggest being able to calculate returns in different ways such as time-weighted.

Also, I think it would be really useful to be able to hide or blur out the total portfolio amount and the investment in each position so that you can open your T212 app in public places.
I believe the hiding/blurring out feature is currently only available on the web version.

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Something else:
-Enabling stock warrants to be bought, sold and executed/converted into a stock.

Other stock exchanges (not in your post) that IBKR can access but not available on T212 Invest/ISA:
-South Korea


You sure you want this market?

I just went through the countries listed as available on IBKR and noted anything I thought was missing… No personal interpretation from me :slight_smile:

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