No notifications in iOS app

I do not receive any notifications in the iOS app anymore when receiving dividends. The notifications in the app are set to ON.

Known issue?

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We have checked the matter and can confirm that there aren’t any reported issues with the dividends notification in the app. However, I will DM you to discuss your case further as it seems to be account specific.

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The only thing that has changed recently, is auto reinvest set to ON. So dividends are added to the pie in stead of free funds. Maybe that is why you don’t get notifications?

At the moment i get all notifications from EVERY other APP.

Within the app itself, the notifications are there, but forget any push

I’ve changed all push settings on phone
It’s not that
And it only effects trading 212

The p30pro is know for suppressing notifications so I’ve already checked, trading 212 has every permission and no restrictions.

Any ideas?
This Is the only app effected

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Might be worth trying a reinstall?

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I don’t get any on Android either except news related ones.

Been that way for a long time.

I had the same on iOS until I changed settings.

Click on menu / notifications and then the cog at the top right if it’s the same setup.

Everything is already on

Go into your notifications on your phone settings and turn them off and on again for the app. Sometimes it gives it a shuffle.

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Done this…

Everything is set as should be
I’ve uninstalled then installed.

I just don’t get notifications
Not on phone / nor on laptop.

It’s annoying, but nothing left to check.
Every other app works, just not this

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I have the same issue. I see i am not the only one.

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Same issue here on iOS for a few weeks now. Toggled settings of phone and app, but didn’t help. Notifications of other apps do work. Hope it can be fixed soon.