Option trading?

I’m going to say it again. Trading212 is one step away from being the perfect EU broker, just have to add options. It’s already available on IBKR so it shouldn’t too much of an issue for them to add the feature?


I own hundreds of shares in vairous companies. Using IAG hwere ihave 700 shares as an example i could be making money now off monthly options by writing one or two contract’s. with the market moving sideways and as i OWN the underlying stock if they go up i will profit until it hits the strike price as the share would belong to other party. only my profit is capped. likewise there is Zero risk to 212 because the contract is owned, the value of the share is 100% guaranteed by the owning of 100 shares 212 could charge a fee to write the contract as well and profit off it.


options are not in the current timeline. check back in a year.

Will T212 introduce options trading?

I started using Saxo trading platform for options from Germany.

Give the people options trading T212.


Robinhood: Family of man who killed himself after mistakenly believing he owed £500k sue trading app

I would also be very much interested in having this on T212. Until then I guess I’ll use another platform.


which platform is the best in the uk for options?

Tastyworks or Interactive Brokers


Some of us would just like options for reasons other than speculation. I understand they are risky and realistically everyone should have at least read J.C.Hull Options Futures and Other Derivatives or at least equivalent since they are very complex but personally I would like derivatives so I can remove risk not add it. For me I like to build arbitrage models and use options to hedge my tail risks.

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This is a must! It’s the only thing missing in Trading 212.

I believe trading212 is not a fan of options trading, I have read some comment by a staff member but dont quote me on that, can’t find the thread

Dont get your hopes up I mean ^^

Options trading is not part of our future plans at the moment.


It would’ve been nice to have options as well.

I would love the ability to use options on trading212 and if not at least why it isn’t possible.

Options trading
One cancels other for orders in invest account

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