Options trading

can options trading be done on trading212…& why not thanks

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i think they said, its not in the focus for this year.

If you type options trading in the search bar you’ll find the threads where this topic is discussed. But basically it is not something that T212 will offer because it’s more popular in the USA because they do not have CFDs there. And they are more complex than CFDs which would be bad news for T212 especially given what’s going on at Robinhood.

If you want to do some autistic Robin hood trades just use CFDs. You can still make big cash from extremely risky trades.

For example, during the recent wirecard collapse if you bought just €1,000 worth of sell CFDs before the share price went down, you would have made something like €180,000 in a matter of days.

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Not 100% sure I understood properly but I think CFD is worth vastly more money to the brokers