OTCMKTS Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO)

Hi, are you able to list NWBO stocks or is this not yet possible with them being OTC? Thanks.

Unfortunately T212 don’t have access to OTC markets yet.

Ok thanks for confirming this, hopefully we’ll have access to those markets in the near future

Do not you still have? I am just seeing"OTC Markets EQ" or that is not the same?

What do you mean? Where do you see this?

I was checking stocks on the Trading 212. and I noticed the “OTC Markets EQ”

@Imi91 Can you share a screenshot please? I’m very curious…

I can not upload the picture, why I don’t know…sorry. but if you write"OTC" into the search then you could see it

I found it, thanks. I think they will soon be adding a lot of OTC tickers. The ones currently present, are apparently the ones which were trading on T212 and then got delisted and went to OTC.