PIE investment timing

I started adding instruments to a PIE, and very excited to lock in 1st shot.
When are you investing, do you time it when market is low, or you simply invest on a set date ?

Think the whole usefulness of the pie is to make cost averaging all your stocks easy. But yes, I do try to time a little bit within it but I would not being going a week without putting any money in at all

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I’m sure you have heard the saying that you can’t time the market? Therefore, it is a pointless exercise to think you can do that. You just need to have a plan and stick with it as long as it works and when it stops working then you can fine tune it. Do what suits your style of investing and your circumstances. Some people just let autoinvest do its thing regularly regardless of what’s going on in the markets. It’s less demanding on your time and you can enjoy spending your time doing other things. If you want to start tinkering with the pie then you will end up having to devote a lot of your time and the other areas of your life will suffer because of that. So when you make a pie just turn autoinvest and don’t worry too much about what’s going on. You just need to decide how often you want to rebalance like quarterly, bi annually or annually.


I have to agree you on time dedication and overhead spent, all to perhaps saving few £/$ here and there.

One of the approach I am contemplating is to have the cheaper stocks as autoinvest. The larger ones on a separate PIE. These will have to be timed, and I dont mean in a way you make a bundle, but just enough not to end up buying AMZN at peak.

My approach is getting close to yours, autoinvest but with a bit of timing or at leat not blindly buying.

What do you mean by cheaper stocks? When it comes to investing that means something totally different from its common use.

Awful. I wouldn’t every touch rebalance. I don’t use auto invest, I just manually invest, but hopefully it gets self-balancing soon. Much better than having to sell positions to balance the portfolio

Amazons constantly hitting all time highs, I wouldn’t try to time it. You’ll constantly miss out on bull runs!

I’ve used rebalance to sell out positions when I decide either that I’m already fully covered in an industry and my money can be better utilised elsewhere, or when a company has changed to the point it no longer matches what I want so as to redistribute my money into other holdings.

And also a few times just for fun, it is a beta still and I don’t want to find a time it would be useful and it not work correctly.

Cheaper is relative, for me it is stocks that are less than $50, and bought at fractions. Anything larger than that, I prefer to not automate and deal with manually.

There was some good opportunities for AMZN during last 2 weeks of July, and since it is a +$3K stock every % is significant to me.

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