Pies are getting social

the free shares are for new accounts made via your pie link, not for being copied.


I’m just wondering if I’m right here, so shared Pies you post should be visible in the tab for public shared pies?
I have made some shareable but there’s nothing in there.
Does it have to be authorised or something?

Also where are pies on the iPad app?

iPad app is out of date. you can find pies on the mobile or web platform apps exclusively.

@kmcintosh97 Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I disabled the pie as it seemed pointless having it anymore since Trading212 changed the amount / percentage you can invest in any one company within a pie.

Let me know if you still want it and I will re-enable it.

Looks interesting, does it have any calls on it?

How come you people can add slices with for example 2,5%. I cant add any decimals ;x whats wrong?

Hi everyone. I’ve deleted all pie links from this thread. Let’s discuss the Social Pies feature here and abstain from self-promotion.

We’re releasing an update today where you’ll be able to report a pie for an inappropriate or misleading name or description. To report a shared pie, navigate to it in the app, and tap on the “three dots” button in the top-right corner of the screen.

IMPORTANT: We’ll be actively hiding pies from the library if they make any sort of promise e.g. speaking of high returns and low risk, or its followers becoming millionaires/billionaires, etc. We find these to be misleading and harmful to the community and our userbase as a whole. You won’t be banned for creating such a pie - however, it will not be visible in the Pie Library.

If you want to stay on the safe side - just don’t make any promises in your pie’s name/description.

P.S. We hear you. Coming soon - notifications whenever a pie you copied has been updated by its owner.


Outstanding Move! From the 212 Team.

I’m sure my post’s been taken off but I’m glad it happened. good job on giving parity.

is there a way we can see how many times our pies have been copied? Just curious. As i have 2 shared pies.

@Wit any chance to know where our pie is listed in the pie library ?

Yes, you can go to your pie, then at the top there is a tab called “SHARING” which is right after the tab “AUTOINVEST”. Under the “Description” you’ll see the “Stats” which also contains the number of copies.

Hey Wit, thanks to the team for the great work!

Do you think the owner of the pie can share how much they have invested in it / current portfolio holding? That would make it more legit and I might be interested to start a pie to create a following.

Also I believe I have reached the 20 refer-a-friend limit to get free shares. Do you think there is any way for further incentive as an advocate of trading212 to reach a greater audience?

@wit @George

Cheers, HM.

Great feature, Trading 212 team!

It’s following the success of other social trading platforms, such as eToro (but here, you’re focusing more on copy investing/social investing, instead of copy trading/social trading).

Added you to my website’s list of social trading platforms!

Another great feature would be to mirror changes in the copied pie’s positions (instead of just copying the first time and not replicating further changes).

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I don’t get the point of pies. It basically invests money for me, OK. But what if there’s an irrational price spike (ex: Tesla), when I wanna buy something? It buys it at that irrational price right? VS me making an order myself with a limit which will protect me…

If I could somehow say at what price to buy and sell stocks in Pies then yea it would maybe be a bit more useful, but until then, I have 0 pies and plan to keep it that way.

I can see how this might be a great tool for complete beginners who wouldn’t even use/know about what a limit order is…not that I consider myself some supertrader or something, but I got bit already exactly as in the example above, by buying at market value instead of making a limit order…

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even the more experienced of us use pies :man_shrugging: not all of us are solely concerned about an occasional price spike in the long term (since that’s what pies are for) for our portfolio’s. market orders are fine for most stocks, it’s a different matter if you only trade OTC or penny stocks LOL. should be more worried about pump and dumps than an occasional premium for a fraction of a share.

Sure but if you want to close large positions for example you will probably start to care about whether The Pie sells at market value or whether you can control at which value to sell…Same if you buy large positions, if that’s the case.

OK, if u only have relatively stable stocks then it doesn’t matter that much…but what’s stable since 1 year now? Not much…at least from my view.

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You can buy or sell large positions as usual with full control. You can import existing positions into a pie, or export them prior to selling if that is what you want to do.

Pies are good for organising and managing groups of positions. They are certainly a useful feature for all levels of trader.

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most of my positions have been stable throughout the pandemic, the few positions that weren’t so stable resulted in profits of around 18-20%, all of my positions are held in pies. its just a matter of knowing who to hold if stability is what you are after and that is a separate matter entirely from pies and who benefits from using them.