Planet 13 & Very Good Food Company

Hi There, I know both of the above may have been requested prior - but having just noted that a huge number of OTC stocks have just been listed onto 212, can the above be added?


@Jondcfc Planet 13 - added, VRYYF isn’t penny stock exempt so we can’t add it.


VRYYF - Is that penny stock exempt now? Please check!

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To qualify as “Penny Stock Exempt” on the OTC Markets, an issuer must satisfy one of the following requirements: (i) the issuer’s securities have a minimum price greater than $5 per share; (ii) the issuer has average revenues of at least $6 million for the last three (3) years; or (iii) the issuer has net tangible assets exceeding $2 million, if the issuer has been in continuous operations for at least three (3) years or $5 million if less than three (3) years.

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Can this be reviewed?
With its current price, does it now meet the criteria please @David

Here to request Planet 13 Holdings available in ISA.
If a stock isn’t available in ISA but is in Invest, is there a chance it will be available in ISA sometime in the future, or is that a no for ISA indefinitely?

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It is penny stock exempt, can be added


OTC stocks cannot be added in ISA.

@Mr_Moose VRYYF for your list.

What are the conditions for it to be added to ISA?
Going from OTC to NYSE or NASDAQ?

Essentially, yes. A stock needs to be listed on an HMRC-recognised exchange to be eligible to be held in an Isa. More details below:


Thanks for these will give them a read.
I’m at work at the moment so sorry if this question is answered in there:
what does a company have to do to go from OTC to recognised exchange?