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$FPVD Catalyst

There is a huge opportunity that seems to be flying under the radar right now.

BIGToken, one of the most successful verticals of Nasdaq traded $SRAX is reverse merging into $FPVD. Once complete, the $FVPD ticker will be changed to $BIGT. There is an incredible management team in place to run the new company with experience up listing from OTC to Nasdaq.

$FPVD is trading at only $0.0064 right now as nobody seems to be aware of this upcoming catalyst. Once the merger is complete (any day now) and the ticker changes and it’s all official, expect the new management to drop tons of news on their growth strategy. BIGToken is already successful and makes good money, but expect it to grow even bigger under the new management and following the reverse merger. $SRAX was up listed from OTC to Nasdaq and they are retaining an equity stake in BIGToken and I believe have similar plans.

$FPVD (soon to be $BIGT) is the next penny runner and has absolutely enormous potential. I would recommend doing your own DD on the new management team and judge for yourself, but time is running out before the big news comes.

What is BIGtoken? It is an app with 16+ million users with users in America, India, Europe, and around the world which pays people for their data which they glean through surveys.

How does BIGtoken make money? They sell the data from customer surveys to consumable packaged good companies who don’t have the ability to glean marketing insights because they don’t have an app. Social media/tech companies generate closed loop marketing insights by stealing our data automatically and selling it to advertisers. BIGtoken already has signed 7 of the top 10 CPG companies to include Kraft and Proctor and Gamble. The CPG sector spends over $20 billion a year on advertising so a lot of growth for BIGtoken.

SRAX Announces Crypto Pioneer and Digital Media Veteran Lou Kerner as Chief Executive Officer of BIGtoken | Business Wire

They won’t be able to add them as it’s not a Penny Stock Exempt.
As a recommendation before posting, just go to put in your ticker and be sure it has the Penny Stock Exempt badge. Only they can be added.

Also, there is something fishy about them:
Not to mention the minuscule 3 Million $ Market Cap.
This is how you lose all your money…