Please add Hydrogen Utopia International (HUI)

They have just done an IPO and I would like to invest in them on T212

Have you checked they’re listing on an exchange 212 support - @Joey_Fantana is usually pretty good about picking up all the ones 212 can add.

I don’t see anything about an IPO. Their last fundraise was in September and apparently the last before they go the IPO route, but I can’t see anything regarding a date for the offering as yet.

here it is.

Thanks @GeorgeC - that article says it should start trading today, which is probably why I couldn’t find much detail or a stock price on it yesterday.

I don’t see it on IBKR as yet so until it appears there they can’t add it anyway. It’s being added to the AQSE, which I’m not sure if T212 has access. I’ll ask the question in today’s IPO post.

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thank you very much!

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Bad news I’m afraid;

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oh dear :frowning: maybe later

Keep an eye if it gets added to Interactive Broker on a segment 212 support.