Please add more stocks in CFD


Can you please add more stocks in CFD (generally speaking). I know how CFD works so no need to explain that in the comments but there are very few stocks in cfd that are interesting or worth looking at them.
Why not add the stocks from invest to CFD also? And when a new stock is added to the platform add it to both invest and CFD. Figure out the spread, the margins, the leverages, etc… and add stocks to the patform in both Invest and CFD at the same time. Or make some general “rules”, margins, spread, etc… for CFD stocks.
I belive that when you say you have a stock on the platform it should be everywhere, in all the instruments.
Please take a look at the CFD section as I belive you overlooked that and slightly forgot about it.

Thank you,
Have a nice day!


I agree with you, why this procces is not automated when you add a stock to add it in cfd also.