Please add NFI group

NFI group are listed on three exchanges:
Exchange, Ticker

Please could you add at least one of these?

Hi. Unfortunately it doesn’t look to be available on IB so can’t be added.

Have a look here for eligibility requirements:

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Bummer! Thanks for the heads-up. Is DB not the same exchange as Deutsche Börse Xetra?

IB search results for NFI group:

Only Canadian Exchange listing, market not available atm in T212.

Not found in IB.

Presumably T212 are planning to add the canadian exchange at some point?

T212 announced that plans to add Canadian and other stock exchanges in the future.

My bad - I searched in the IB app and for some reason it didn’t show the TSE listing on the first screen.

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No problem. I posted the print image of IB to show that no secondary listings (OTC or DB) were available on IB. :wink: