Please add OPTI, VYST, AITX and IPNFF

got both, waiting for trading212 to add AITX


@Jondcfc @InvestIdeas @Libaniopq @Zoom @Ztahir @Kshirley1982 @Ahmet @yllix @frank100 @mkerciku
AITX is not penny exempt so cannot be added:

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@Veshy @barrygray4 @Yellowmoney @Rashel @Minotaur86 :point_up:

Thank you for letting us know, appreciate it!

Can you please add AITX @PeterA @Martin

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Unfortunately not. Read a bit further up :point_up:

Yes plesed add AITX OPTI

@adindas please read the few posts above yours and you will understand why neither can be added.

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Ok Thanks. Understand