Please add OPTI soon

Can you add OPTI it is a share I am heavily interested in


Every single one is asking for it , just found 4 posts and I asked for it for like 2 weeks

Add Optec International Inc, OPTI stock


They’ll add it when it’s been pumped to the moon, and about to dump then T212 users will hold bags.

YES please add OPTI already

Please add $OPTI please… TIA!!


As usual they’ll add after it’s been pumped. They’ll add when it’s about to dump.


hello any update on adding $OPTI - Optec international ???

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I also asked for it for 2 weeks. Please add it already

It its not traded on a regulated exchange, which is why we cannot add it at this moment.

@GAhmed Please refrain from making such bland accusations as it is not based on the truth and will not be tolerated.


The phrase ‘do your own due diligence’ comes to mind.

Not for the first time.


Due diligence is for sissies and little people. :joy:

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yes it is… thanks anyway!

Please add this. Thanks!

Please add OPTI ASAP please

Hey can u add the $OPTI. There already is a $OPTI but thats not the same one.
This one is from OPTEC at 0.14 at the moment.
It is going to explode and i love to be part of that before it is like 5 dollar.


They won’t be able to add them as it’s not a Penny Stock Exempt.
As a recommendation before posting, just go to put in your ticker and be sure it has the Penny Stock Exempt badge. Only they can be added.