Please add Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) to EU

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Morning Guys,

Please could you add Oxford Nanopore Technologies (LON:ONT) to the EU platform today? I’ve noticed a lot of the requests made by @Joey_Fantana are placed on the UK platform almost immediately, but very few of these get added to the EU platform at the same time. It would be great if those of us living over the channel could get access to these shares at the same time :slight_smile: Thanks!

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That’s a shame as I do include the following wording in every post;

Perhaps @Y.M or @Rumen can advise if these additional tasks can be done each day as part of the process please?


At the moment, new IPOs and instruments in general will only be added to the UK platform. Only instruments that generate more interest and are more anticipated will be added to both platforms.

We will gradually add more and more instruments to the EU platform and we will make sure to announce their addition in the Community.

Thanks for the info @Y.M

Are you able to provide us with an estimate on when Oxford Nanopore Technologies (LON:ONT) will be added to the EU platform. I hope this will be quite soon, given the large amount of interest that has already been expressed worldwide in this particular IPO.

@Ruffgoose Oxford Nanopore is not yet available on IBKR. Once it is, we will add it on both platforms. :+1:


@Y.M Do you expect it to be live today?

LSE IPOs typically take longer to be added to IBKR. Should only be a matter of days.


Cheers Joey- appreciate it

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Hi @Y.M, your comments & replies are very helpful.

Is it not possible for T212 to make special requests to IBKR to priority-add UK stocks like LON:ONT - an important IPO to the UK market.

In the UK market in general, there was much anticipation and massive interest. Personally, I was surprised to not find it on T212, especially as we get very timely notifications of other, maybe lesser important, US IPOs

Regards & Thanks

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