Please add stock (TGA)

Hi T212 team,

Please could you add: Transglobe Energy Corp (TGA) to trading 212

Many thanks,

Also please add CRYBF - extreme vehicle battery
PHIL - PHI group inc.
Sorry to jump on your coat tails.

They won’t be able to add them as they are not Penny Stock Exempt.
As a recommendation before posting, just go to put in your thicker and be sure it has the Penny Stock Exempt badge. Only they can be added.

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That’s bizarre because there are many many otc stocks that are on 212, that do not have this exemption. How are they really determined?

those that are not PSE were added at the very beginning and T212 found there was far too much trouble involved with adding each one that they decided that only those which are Penny Stock Exempt were reasonable.

so in full, for all added now and later. by being Penny Stock Exempt.