Please add the following 'green' stocks

Exchange Ticker Name ISIN
OTC MGXRF Zinc8 Energy Solutions CA98959U1084
OTC WKSP Worksport Ltd US98139Q1004
OTC KPELY Keppel Corporation Limited US4920513052
OTC HYSR SunHydrogen US86738R1086
OTC MOTNF Clean Power Capital Corp CA18452D1069
FRA XSDG Samsung SDI Co Ltd GDR US7960542030
OTC KNCAY Konica Minolta Inc US50048B1044
TSE CAS Cascades Inc. CA1469001053
OTC EDRVF EDP Renovaveis ES0127797019
TSE TCLa Transcontinental Inc CA8935781044
OTC INGXF Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. CA45790B1040
TSE BLX Boralex Inc CA09950M3003
FRA CKJ ClearVue Technologies Ltd AU0000003816
FRA 0XC Canvest Environmental Protection Group Co Ltd KYG183221004
FRA CXGH Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co Ltd CNE100000PP1
FRA DT7 China Datang Corp Renewable Power Co Ltd CNE100000X69
HKG 1799 Xinte Energy Co Ltd CNE1000023G9
SHE 2745 MLS Co Ltd CNE100001X19
SHE 2129 Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co Ltd CNE1000000B8
SHE 2506 GCL System Integration Technology Co Ltd CNE100000WW3
SHE 300274 Sungrow Power Supply Co Ltd CNE1000018M7
SHE 300118 Risen Energy CNE100000T73
SHE 300750 Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd Class A CNE100003662
SHA 601012 Xian LONGi Silicon Materials Corp CNE100001FR6
SHA 600703 Sanan Optoelectronics Co Ltd CNE000000KB3
TWSE 5483 Sino-American Silicon Products TW0005483002
JPX 9006 Keikyu Corp JP3280200001
FRA 3SH Shunfeng International Clean Energy Ltd KYG8116S1057
NSE SUZLON Suzlon Energy Ltd INE040H01021
SHE 400 XJ Electric Co Ltd CNE0000007F6
OSL OSUN-ME Ocean Sun As NO0010887565
FRA FSF Fastned BV NL0013654809
FRA 27W Powercell Sweden SE0006425815
FRA R90 Rockwool International A/S Class B DK0010219070
JPX 6845 AZBIL CORP JP3937200008
FRA 0TA TransAlta Renewables Inc. CA8934631091
KOSDAQ 66970 L&F Co., Ltd. KR7066970005
BKK EA Energy Absolute PCL TH3545010003
FRA ER9 ERG S.p.A IT0001157020
OTC CHSTY China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co Ltd ADR US1694161043
FRA COG Cogeco Communications Inc CA19239C1068
FRA F3C SFC Energy AG DE0007568578
OTC SIRC Solar Integrated Roofing Corp US83417R1032
CVE POND Pond Technologies Holdings Inc CA73238C1041
FRA ICL Cell Impact publ AB SE0005003217
OSE EFUEL-ME Everfuel AS DK0061414711
OTC NFYEF NFI Group Inc CA62910L1022
NASDAQ GPP Green Plains Partners LP US3932211069
NGM METAC Metacon Ab SE0003086214
LSE PPS Proton Motor Power Systems PLC GB00B140Y116
OTC XEBEF Xebec Adsorption Inc CA9838911027
OTC NNOMF Nano One Materials Corp CA63010A1030
OSE TECO-ME Teco 2030 Asa NO0010887516

you know you can request more than 1 new listing a post right? :sweat_smile:

would have saved you some time I imagine. :thinking:

hmmm, will do next time.
I thought there is a script automatically searching only the title and not the content for these requests

the T212 will often check the requests and make note of them. choices may occur due to popularity of the share or other criteria I don’t know of, but people have posted entire lists before with a casual sentence for the title and gotten various requests added so no need to worry.

a request wont guarantee it gets added any sooner than another, but lets them know there is interest from the community.

T212 end goal is to have all exchange listed shares added and to provide fractionals for them.

I find that giving the Ticker, ISIN and exchange it is listed on alongside the company/fund name provides the best clarity on what you are after, as it can be a shame to see it added but in the wrong currency etc

Thanks for the heads up. I will add a 4 column table next time.

cool :+1: nobody ever compained about fancy posts :slight_smile:

T212, can you add MONTF and others please?