Please add the "Procure Space ETF (UFO)"

Please add this ETF as a fractional share for us space enthusiasts. The ETF has the ISIN US74280R2058 and is traded on the NASDAQ.

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US ETFs can’t get added due to European laws. See also

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If the buying of the ETF is not possible so we need the following missing fractional shares on T212 from the ETF-basket:

DISH US - Dish Network Corp A
ORBC US - Orbcomm Inc
TRMB US - Trimble Navigation Ltd
AVIO IM - Avio SpA
VSAT US - Viasat Inc
SATS US - Echostar Holding Corp A
4825 JP - Weathernews Inc
9412 JP - Sky Perfect Jsat Holdings Inc
ETL FP - Eutelsat Communications Promesses
GILT US - Gilt Satellite Networks Ltd
AJRD US - Aerojet Rocetdyne Holdings Inc
LDO IM - Leonardo S.p.a.
7013 JP - Ihi Corp

Please add this stocks as fractional shares on T212 to rebuild the ETF!

Now I have made my own “Procure Space ETF (UFO)” with a basket on T212. Not all shares from the original etf are here available. But with the avaibable fractional shares, I made this basket:

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The pie didn’t load for me but I’m interested in the contents. Pls can you check the link?

Looks like it works now.

I have positions in 3 companies out of these.

Another interesting new play is Momentus (SRAC), but much more research has to be done before I commit.

Please try it again. It should work. For investing you must take a minimum of 20 EUR, because the 1 % position Thales will only buy with the minimum share invest in pie from 0,20 Cent.

Please add Procure Space ETF (UFO)