Please Add VPER

Hello, please can you add $VPER as soon as possible?

This is a company that is focused on

•EV charging play
•Smart city play
•Solar Energy/5g play
•Partnered with Apollo Smart lights (also used to grow weed)

They are also very active on their twitter which is usually never a bad sign for a company trading under 1c

I will purchase from another platform if I have to but would rather do it here

Thank you

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@Eldrak It’s not penny stock exempt.

Hi David,

Thank you for the information and reply. I did not know that. :slight_smile:

Hi David. VPER released this news today:

“Update OTC to current is moving and expedited”

Does this mean it will be on T212 now?

Thank you!

Screenshot_20210205-194550_Samsung Internet|243x500

I’d suggest keep checking on here to see if it has become penny stock exempt :slight_smile:

OTC Markets | Official site of OTCQX, OTCQB and Pink Markets - if they have a symbol saying ‘Penny Stock Exempt’ on the right hand side they have a chance of being added.

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Thanks a mil for the reply.

But did you see the screenshot I attached to my previous message?

Based on that, does it sound like they are about to become penny stocks exempt?

Thanks again

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Yeh that would be great, maybe message their HR team and ask about an ETA?

I will do thanks I’ll get back to you here if I hear back from them :+1:t2: