Please can we add these asarp?

How does one create WeBull account as EU citizen?

I never said that I am an EU citizen. :slight_smile: I am just telling you that there is an alternative, but it depends if it is for your or not…

Webull can be used in the United States, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, China, and Korea.

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It’s the same that suggesting us to use M1 Finance… pointless.

I am sorry to disappoint you but I there is always Google but I myself think that it would be quite difficult if you are able to come up something as good as Trading 212 for EU market. I was just giving example to Trading 212 team that it not like that this is impossible to do it.

I strongly believe in Trading 212 team and I believe that they will soon implement this functionality that adding new stocks would a breeze :slight_smile:

I think you are someone who is working at Trading 212. Would you be kind please and tell us how much effort it takes to add a Stock?

I am sorry if this is a very silly question but it shows that I have no knowledge on the topic and I am asking you gently to educate me.

I agree, it would be good if T212 make some youtube videos on how to request stocks. Timelines, and what criteria they are looking for.

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Hi, @laguiar, is not part of the team, however @Team212 can hopefully provide you a reply.
I would also be interested in knowing more about this :smiley:

I’m the company owner… I get all the profits and have no clue what those developers are doing… I will increase they workweek hours… it’s being to relaxed for them :sunglasses:

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hahaha I’ll keep it as the most funniest joke of 2020… you should try stand up comedy :wink:

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Hi team

@David @Martin @PeterA

Thanks for your working in getting GSAH, WPF and SHLL on to the platform from the above list.

Are we any nearer to getting the other SPACs listed above that are already trading? These are


TREB is only trading as units at the moment from what I can see, not ordinary classes.

It would be amazing if we could get the other 5 added; I know OPES and GRAF have been requested by others a fair bit too.


Your everywhere :joy: we know there is, we know there busy but if we don’t remind them how do they remember but you make me laugh

It’s funny how everyone gets mad at re messaging like there the ones working :joy: time is money and who wants to waste it simple as that,

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