Possibility to transfer assets to Interactive Brokers?

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I am wondering whether it is possible to transfer my equities to Interactive Brokers directly? I have an account with them and it would be easier for me to consolidate the portfolios. I have read in various threads that transferring to a completely different custody account in another broker is not possible, but currently Trading 212 is using Interactive Brokers for custody accounts, so how about that?

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+1 on this. Can someone from the team please let us know whether it is possible or is a feature to be introduced later?


Has there been any progress. I read on the forum that in specie would be available by 3Q2020. I am looking to invest more with Trading212, but am hesitant right now, since I will never be able to move the shares anywhere without liquidating.


Same question. I’d like to know if it would be possible hedge some risk by transferring some of my positions to another broker without liquidating them.


I believe this is currently not possible as it would be the same as transferring to another broker entirely. @Team212 could possibly elaborate further. It is in the pipeline to eventually I believe to be able to transfer shares without liquidating, but it requires quite a bit of regulation and paperwork that hasn’t been sorted yet.

@sasoh exactly what risk are you hedging by splitting your portfolio? T212 is not in a bad position and even the last few months of turbulent markets hasn’t thrown up anything to worry about.

@Dao Imagine the (very unlikely, I know) scenario in which T212 ceases to exist tomorrow. If everyting goes wrong, I’d be limited to a certain amount of protection by the regulators. I’d like to have some part of my investments in another broker to decrease the possible loss.

+1, would like to know if this is possible and if not why since T212 uses IB

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T212 uses IB to provide services which is not the same as them being the same entity (they aren’t) and therefore it would be the same as transferring to any other broker.

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any update is this is possible?

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