Problem with WMG IPO

I bought 1 share of WMG and it shows I got a loss of96.5% , immediately after I got it.

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Same issues.

Trading212 will sort this out don’t worry.

EDIT: see this post for more information : Warner music IPO

I have successfully sold a share. Just remember to use the limit sell feature to ensure you bank the profit you would desire.

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Thank you for your fast response !

Yeah, i guess T212 have some pricing issue atm. The current share price is Google live is 28.70 where else T212 got whopping $34.56…

I want to buy at IPO but not at this insane T212 price.

Always use a limit buy order for times like this.
Way too much uncertainty otherwise.

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I completely agree, but limit order will not go through with huge difference.

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Yea. It’s tricky for sure.

The best bet is to put in a limit order for the max you want to pay, and if it opens lower than that, T212 gets you the best price at that time, so you could end up getting shares much cheaper than your limit price.

Or, you miss out. It’s tricky.

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I’ll wait 2 weeks or perhaps 3 and let the price come back to me. To much FOMO.


Personally I haven’t any problems with market order although displayed price was huge order was filled with proper current price (28.64)

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Although it displayed 34.56 usd as the price when I bought as well, the transaction happened around 28 usd.

The displayed amount has never changed yet, so it may not be reflecting the amount the transaction will happen.

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Thanks @Ashige, @eu42 I put a small order

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what is the best order, bacause I get error message that it is too far…

Limit is worked for me at 25$