Procedure in case of moving to US


I’m in UK but I may move to US permanently.

What’s the procedure to move to US if I have a normal investment account? I hope I don’t need to sell my shares or I will pay taxes…

What’s the one for the ISA? Of course I can’t move my ISA in a IRA etc, but I think I don’t need to pay taxes once I do the cash out, please correct me if I’m wrong.
My intention is to reinvest them asap inside the IRA.

Best regards.

Hopefully Trading 212 will have implemented in specie transfer by the time you move to the US. Then you will be able to move positions to a broker there. Since an ISA account is of no advantage to a US taxpayer, you will want to close it by selling all investments before moving to the US so you can take the capital gains tax free while you are still a UK taxpayer.

We are all hoping that in specie transfer is not far off being offered by Trading 212. But if it looks like in specie transfer with Trading 212 will not come in time for your move then you can sell stock and then rebuy it with a different UK broker who is able to offer in specie transfer to a US broker. If you rebuy within 30 days you should have little or no tax to worry about it due to UK bed and breakfasting rules. Charles Schwab, London might be a good broker to look as since they open US-located accounts for UK residents.


Thank you.
So if I understood correctly, ISA is not a concern, regarding the normal investment account, there is no way at the moment to just change my address in T212? That should trigger few documents to be signed and that’s it I think.

Or you are saying that I need to move my stocks with an auto-move operation offered by T212 in a supported platform in UK, that has also the possibility of country switch with US?

The problem is that Trading 212 (like many other UK brokers) does not permit you to have an account if you are a US taxable person (either by residency or citizenship.) Similarly, most US brokers do not allow you to have an account if you are not resident in the US. This creates some problems. I think it would be good to investigate the possibilities with a US broker that does offer accounts to both UK and US residents. The one I know of is Charles Schwab. I know that Interactive Investor can do in specie transfer with US brokers. But they do not allow US residents or citizens (even if resident in the UK) to have accounts.

I think that US residents can use Interactive Brokers.
So my plan eventually would be to request a transfer in that platform, do you know if the transfer is supported?