Profit/Deposit instead of Profit/Invested

Hi all

Is there a way to see my profits compared to how much money I have deposited instead of how much money I have invested?

For example if I deposit and invest £1000 on my brand new account, and then I make a £500 of profit, my dashborad would show: 1500 balance, 1000 invested, +500 profit (50%). All good.

BUT, if I then sell those shares (without withdrawing), and I re-invest the £1500 into a new stock, my dashboard would show: 1500 balance, 1500 invested, 0 profit (0%) which is fine but I completely lose track of how much profit I have made since I started wy investing journey (still 50%, not 0%), until I check my history where I can compare the actual deposits against my balance.

At the end of the day I also want to see how much money I have compared to how much I’ve put in. It would be nice to have the possibility to switch from Invested/Profit to deposited/profit ratio.

Am I the only one interested in this? Or maybe there’s an easy way to see this instead of checking the deposits in the history tab?


On our portfolio, it says an amount we have paid into the Trading 212 portfolio, however, those funds might contain prior investing, and not be reflective of the actual cash we have put into that pot. Can we have a box we can self-input a figure to self-refer to against the portfolio?

Welcome to the Community @TheVAX & @Christy3001 :tada:

I appreciate your feedback and see how this can be useful as a metric for the performance of your portfolio. For the time being, you can check your all-time realised PnL only on the web app. To do that, just log into your account and open the History tab. I’ll forward your comments to the team and let you know if this gets introduced on mobile in the future :raised_hands: