Quarterly Earnings Calendar

Would it be possible to add a Quarterly Earnings Calendar?
Despite there being literally thousands of potential entries, it could reflect a watchlist, specific user-selected list, or even most popular stocks.


I was just thinking this.

We have one for an economic calendar, so an earnings one would be great too.

I don’t think other brokers offer this sort of service so what a great addition this would be!

In theory, we can’t predict when the next quarterly date would be, so even having a “form” that users could complete, and pointing to a link would work quite well so an “approver” could approve the submission, and it gets added into the calendar, would work (ie. I’ve signed up to most stocks “investor relations” pages, for US Stocks, for email alerts to be sent to me… as a workaround for the moment… so this could work in the interim until a more automated solution can be found - it’d get the functionality out there for customers to use)