Query over time to have new TICKERS added

Hi All, I’m fairly new to 212 - overall I have been impressed with the ease of use etc., the only disappointment being what seems excessive time for new Ticker additions (many I confess being Penny stock), and very little feedback e.g. yes, not a problem, or no never. Can anyone advise on what it takes to add a new company (time / effort) and advise if there are other issueS e.g. maybe there is a limit on companies on 212 overall. It could be Covid related also - but it’s catch 22, if I make a request but hear nothing, I will likely request again in a couple of week thinking my initial may have slipped Through the next. If noted, and in a list - I would save follow-up, and more traffic on the request forum. If forum members can advise, and/or regulators - would help me, and the community as a whole. Thx

This previous post and those in the same thread may help you

I expect the addition of penny stocks to the platform is of low priority right now. They tend to be of interest to people for only a limited time.