System for adding stocks PLEASE

Hi Trading 212 team,

I’ve been loving to be part of the community and find the app really nice but…
one of the things that’s been bothering the most is that when we ask for a stock you take AGES to add the stock in.
I’ve been missing some amazing plays because of that and it’s really frustrating, and I think I’m not the only one.
Please can you get this system you have updated so we can actually get in earlier and make some good profits?

Please do something about that.


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If you search for this you’ll find the answer

damn they add manually, no wonder it takes that long. with all the technology invented I’m sure must be something out there to make this faster. :confused:
they need too do some investments then.

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It’s paused too at the moment as they’re trying to get a lot more fractionals on the platform to prepare for Pies coming out of Beta

oh boy…

They could hire someone part time just to add stocks, would be faster than it is right now.
Thanks for the info, really appreciate it.
So let’s hope they add anything new this year :zipper_mouth_face: