Recent charts list / side by side

Could you add a recent chart option. This would give a quick way to go back to a chart. There are watch lists, but if you are looking through or accidently close a chart not in a list, they are hard to find / open again.

Also add a side by side chart for a single or selected charts. e.g. select the gold chart click side by side it opens another allowing view of multiple time frames, without seeing all the other charts.

This kind of thing? Heres the 15min and 4hr side by side

Or this 5 / 15/ 1hr / 4hr


the point I am making is the ability to select from open charts and show side by side, without having to close them down. So if I have nine windows open, with my drawings etc… I can select gold for example and do a split screen

Just tried switching between practise and live and the new options have appeared with more charts and layout options… The web app didn’t update automatically…