REIT investment which one?

I have two REITs in my portfolio - 100 shares in both BBOX Big Box and in CREI Custodian.
Lately I’ve been considering if that is one too many. Together they form nearly 6% of the portfolio. The dividend yield isn’t that spectacular at this level returning under £5 each quarter.
My initial thoughts are to sell custodian and put it into Bbox, or something else.
Any thoughts on what you’d do?
Opinion is great accept it’s not advice.
Regards and thanks

I would consider buying a REIT ETF, there are quite a few on T212. Considerably less risk involved!
Just search for „property yield“, you can choose from different regions etc.

I like Stag Industrial, large focus on e-commerce warehouses that they rent out to companies like Amazon. It held up really well during the pandemic and has increased during this recent market dip.

REIT ETFs or similar can give you a broader exposure at the same time as picking a theme…
Two interesting ones for me are:
Offering facilities for Weed growing.
Recent IPO covering digital infrastructure - servers/undersea cables/mobile phone masts etc. etc.

Never quite got round to investing in IIPR but have a very small starter position in DGI9.

Thank you everyone. I sold custodian in the end but kept big box. EFTs are a great idea and I’ve been comparing them. Might be making a position move next week.