Request access to more exchanges

This request is for the European version of T212.

Will the following exchanges become available on T212 in the (near) future?
There are some interesting stocks on these exchanges too :slight_smile:

  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Hong Kong

There’s a bunch of separate threads on this unfortunately so the results are all a bit jumbled, but I think the word on the street is that some are ‘in flight’. When they will be available, who knows.

Personally, I would probably steer clear of Hong Kong given the political turmoil over there, and add the first two on your list first, followed by Canada.


Why there is not Poland and Canada on your list.
Actually my money is on Canada as the next market they will add.


At the moment I have no Canadian or Polish stocks on my shortlist. My ‘most wanted’ exchanges would be Japan & Sweden!


Please the Canada, Australia & Swiss market is very important here, I want to see it unfold.

Swiss is already on.

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Yes true, thanks for pointing that out.