Request for more Uranium Stocks in ISA account

Please add these ETFs:

HURA.TO : Horizons Global Uranium Index ETF
URA : Global X Uranium ETF
URNM : North Shore Global Uranium Mining ETF

These stocks are a priority for me:
PDN.AX : Paladin Energy Limited
FCU.TO : Fission Uranium Corp.
CVV.V : CanAlaska Uranium Ltd.
GXU.V : GoviEx Uranium Inc.
ISO.V : IsoEnergy Ltd.

If possible please add these stocks:

U.TO : Uranium Participation Corporation
ERA.AX : Energy Resources of Australia Ltd
PDN.AX : Paladin Energy Limited
GGG.AX : Greenland Minerals Limited
LEU : Centrus Energy Corp.
FCU.TO : Fission Uranium Corp.
ISO.V : IsoEnergy Ltd.
BKY.AX : Berkely Energia Limited
GLO.TO : Global Atomic Corporation
BOE.AX : Boss Resources Limited
DYL.AX : Deep Yellow Limited
URC.V : Uranium Royalty Corp.
EU.V : enCore Energy Corp.
GXU.V : GoviEx Uranium Inc.
PEN.AX : Peninsula Energy Limited
UEX.TO : UEX Corporation
LOT.AX : Lotus Resources Ltd.
LAM.TO : Laramide Resources Ltd.
AZZ.TO : Azarga Uranium Corp.
BMN.AX : Bannerman Resources Limited
MGA.TO : Mega Uranium Ltd.
FYS.TO : Forsys Metals Corp.
TOE.AX : Toro Energy Limited
API.CN : Appia Energy Corp.
PLU.V : Plateau Energy Metals Inc.
VMY.AX : Vimy Resources Limited
MKA.AX : Mango Resources Ltd.
VO.V : ValOre Metals Corp.
ACB.AX : A-Cap Energy Limited
FIND.V : Baselode Energy Corp.
WUC.CN : Western Uranium & Vanadium Corp.
EME.AX : Energy Metals Limited
CVV.V : CanAlaska Uranium Ltd.
SYH.V : SkyHarbour Resources Ltd.
MEY.AX : Marenica Energy Limited
EPM.AX : Eclipse Metals Limited
FMC.V : Forum Energy Metals Corp.
BSK.V : Blue Sky Uranium Corp.
GTR.AX : GTI Resources Limited
FUU.V : Fission 3.0 Corp.
AGE.AX : Alligator Energy Limited
PTU.V : Purepoint Uranium Group Inc.
AL.V : ALX Resources Corp.
TIN.AX : TNT Mines Limited
STND.AX : Standard Uranium Ltd.
AEE.AX : Aura Energy Limited
AEC.V : Anfield Energy Inc.
ERC.V : Eros Resources Corp.
AAZ.V : Azincourt Energy Corp.
VUI.V : Virginia Energy Resources Inc.
UWE-H.V : U308 Corp


Those ETFs has no UCITS so none of them can be added to T212 universe

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I agree. Almost all of these stocks could be added to INVEST account also.

Peninsula Energy (ASX:PEN) is also trading OTC in US as PENMF.

Can we please add it ASAP?

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Iā€™d invest good money in your moustache.


Any update on PENMF @Team212 ?

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it is PSE however the liquidity and market cap may mean its unlikely at this time.

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Thanks for the update.

p.s.: Noticed that FCUUF was added. :+1: