Request for Stock: $GNUS

Hi, can we please add Nasdaq’s $GNUS?



Is anyone checking these posts or?


Seconded for GNUS - not sure when instruments are added, I believe potentially weekly?

It would be excellent if this could be added ASAP as there could be interesting plays prior to June 15th…


Any word on GNUS @David?

I’d also like to request GNUS
Quite a time sensitive one this guy (15th is the date to watch)

Too late guys. Stock went up 30% today. Wish Trading 212 would have added it when requested.

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Not seen any of my requested instruments added, and of the requests I’ve seen from the community, a really small percentage have been added over the past week.

What’s the turn around time for these sorts of things?

Great community on here but I’ve personally not had a single reply to any of my forum posts from any moderator or any representative from T212…

They have been adding 200 - 250 new instruments weekly for a while. They also do it starting from older requests, there were newly added stocks which are asked couple months ago. So, it depends on the backlog. Also, they plan to focus more on making existing stocks fractional from now on if I remember correctly. So, the number of newly added stocks may not stay around 200 next weeks.

Ah fair enough - I’ve only been using the platform for a week. It’s great.

The forum is busy too which is good. I’ve found much faster response times by contacting directly through the app when it comes to trying to contact T212.

Using search button can get you acces to a lot of information and its free of charge…

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Thanks for the insight Redvan.

Thanks for the insight Redvan.

@martinjbell, make sure you type/copy the right username :wink:

There appears to be a lot of demand for this stock so we prioritized it - it’ll be live today when US markets open.


can you also add Hello Fresh and Aegean Airlines SA from the German stock Market?

Thanks @David - no data on GNUS since the trading halt at 15.20.

@David Could you please add $FMCI. I am sure there will be a lot of people willing to buy in the coming week before the merger. Its time sensitive

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