3 new stocks to add today please :)

Can you please add @David
Dolphin Entertainment Inc
Color Star Technology Co Ltd
Ageagle Aerial Systems Inc

Thanks Callum

What would you say is the average time taken requests for stocks to be added? Been waiting about a week for some key ones I wanted

UAVS has been added :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Are these IPOs or not?

The stocks I requested? No they are AIM Stocks; Gfinity and Salt Lake Potash

Then I’m afraid you should probably take a number and get comfortable. One of the stocks I’ve been requesting has been on a list for three months now lol.

Oh bugger! Thanks for letting me know; I think it might be wise if I look elsewhere

I requested one in the beginning of may (Aedifica SA) and it still hasn’t been added so it could take quite some time (although this particular company is from Belgium and maybe they don’t have access to Belgium yet, haven’t heard anything about it)

Are you aware of any other brokers that may have it? It’s frustrating that the requests aren’t acknowledged at least

They’re very slow and seemingly selective on what they add. Not convenient for day trading in terms of Us markets unfortunately.

Right now? I don’t think I can help you. When Robinhood arrives it might offer access to US stocks that 212 hasn’t got around to adding yet. That may be quite some way off, though, so 212 has plenty of time to add things before they arrive. You could alternatively try Freetrade. People rag on them on this forum because of course they do, but after years of doing bugger all they have started to add stocks fairly frequently. I don’t know about the ones listed specifically.

Yep seems that way - I am after AIM stocks so would’ve thought that it would be a bit easier to get those added

I preferably would have all of my investments at one broker but Interactive Brokers is as far as I’m aware the only one who would offer that particular share, with commissions which would be too large for me to ever make a profitable investment in that company.

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