Request to add Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc, NYSE:BIO

It’d be great if you could add Bio-Rad Laboratories, please, as this stock has excellent growth and return potential!


Ive spotted this opportunity too! Please add this to the list if it’s not already on

I just wanted to add this stock to my pie, only to notice that it is not on Trading212 yet. It’s an S&P 500 company. Surely it should be one of the 10.000+ shares on here.

The stock is on the platform but is not yet fractional so you cannot add it to your pie.

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I just noticed. It is on Trading212 already! The search function just won’t find it, if you don’t use the dash sign in the name. Fractional shares are not enabled though. That’s a bummer for a $550+ stock.

@Rumen Can you make this fractional for everyone above?

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