Samsung stock be added please

Hi, would it be possible to add Samsung? Its such an important stock but surprising that it does not show in here


It depends on which stock market it is listed on. we currently don’t have any of the Asia Exchanges (though the team is working on this as we speak) so it would have to be on certain european exchanges or the NYSE/NASDAQ exchange.

I myself am waiting for the right stock exchange to let me Invest in Nikon and Canon :slight_smile:

It’s in Seoul. So I am assuming this is a problem.


Only in the sense that we don’t have the Korean stock exchange added yet.

give them some time and we may see it come around rather soon. HongKong and Tokyo are definitely in the running :slight_smile: so should expect to see Seoul around a similar time providing no complications arise regarding the technical side of things.

One more for it! S20 is up to be announced today haha

Hi, quite interested as well. In my case, Samsung Biologics (KRX)