Sellers/buyers %indicator - where does the data come from?

So my question is about the SELLERS/BUYERS indicator, which I can find in the trade box or the stock details, as the following photo (taken for TSLA) :

I’m wondering what are those buyers/sellers ? Who is considered a buyer/seller ? Is it only from current buy/sell positions on trading212 ? Or more generally from the exchange ?

I’ve noticed for NYSE stocks it doesn’t seem to be available, as N/A is displayed. Is this indicator then pulled from official buy/sell positions currently placed on the exchange, if the exchange makes this information available ? (Nasdaq would be yes, NYSE no if i’m right).

By the way this indicator seems to only be available on the CFD platform as far as I can see.

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I hope this answer from a similar previous post helps you.

I have access to just Invest acount and it’s not present there indeed.

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Thanks !!!
I looked for a previous post, going through many posts which looked like they could’ve contained some info but couldn’t find any ! After some tests it seems the search engine only matches if the exact word is entered, in this case the whole “sellers/buyers” which I didn’t search for exactly, instead I tried sellers / buyers or sellers buyers :sweat_smile:

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