Quick question. Can somebody tell me what "Sellers/Buyers" means on CFD?

I’m referring to this:

Does this mean that 15% of Trading 212 users have a sell position? Or 15% of the whole world are shorting this stock.


Hello! The mentioned tool shows that 15% of our clients are holding short positions at the moment & respectively 85% - long.


Thanks Martin :slight_smile:
So why isn’t it available for all instruments ? Is it for those with 0 of either short and 0 long positions ?

pipo I had the same question but didn’t find your post before asking :sweat_smile:

It is available for all instruments that have some clients trading them. Therefore, if an instrument has neither long nor short positions, the mentioned tool can’t show the sentiment.

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Hi Martin will this feature be added to the ISA and invest section would be very useful. Thanks.

You can’t hold short positions on Invest/ISA so tool isn’t really applicable

You can see the data of how many users hold the top X number of holdings on the T212 hotlist though.

There are short and long shares available in the invest and ISA.

yes, but they are ultimately still “bought” shares. just in something that tracks inversely.

Cool just a good idea to have i think but oh well what does one know.

What the people above are pointing out is it’s impossible to have in Invest/ISA.

You can buy inverse instruments.

You can’t take a short position.

So you can’t show the people going short Vs long.

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at best perhaps a sentiment rating that people can choose up, flat or down on a position they hold and a collective tally is displayed but this seems like a bit of an extra social feature rather than a core feature that would see much meaningful data shared.

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Yeah I always thought they might integrate the leaderboard inside the app, and then on the instrument display how many customers hold this and overall rank, rank with its sector etc

3469 customers hold this stock

23949493 shares held by all customers

180th most popular out of 367 Bio Tech

6847th overall out of 9987 instruments

7203 :heart:

450 customers are bearish
670 customers are bullish

7 customers have warned this is an obvious pump and dump

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