Share your pie recipes

Might people like to share their pie recipes and discuss the thinking they used to construct them?

Here is an example of a World ex-US pie with percentages matching VWRL but leaving out the US portion so I can choose my own US stocks. To match VWRL I could buy this pie and US stocks in the ratio 2:3. Or I could add VNRT or VUSA. This pie has OCF of 0.15%, which is less than the 0.22% of VWRL

People sometimes wonder whether or not to include emerging markets in a World tracker. VWRL does, whereas SWDA does not. Interestingly, in this pie VFEM has declined least. I started with an investment of £100 on 11/06/20. The following morning it is worth £99.43.

VEUE is the same as VERX + VUKE. I thought I would try both. In fact I would have liked to use VX5E instead of VERX, but VX5E is not yet fractional.


As an ETFs pie, I will try to go with a personalized alternative to all-world FTSE (VWCE) but based on MSCI: SPPW+SPYM+ZPRV+ZPRX (70+10+10+10). Once these will get fractional I think I will keep it in parallel with VWCE as I am not so sure my custom SPDRs ETF is the best idea yet (still 0,18% TER/OCF vs 0,22%).
For now, I have a testing pie with equally weighted hydrogen stocks.

You have an interesting approach and thank you for sharing your pie! I might get some inspiration out of your strategy. :v:

I have considered adding to my bizzare pie a single ETF towards emerging markets that I can’t directly purchase stocks for. got any recommended EM ETFs?

I use both VFEM and EMIM. The iShares one is largest and most liquid. Performances are nearly identical.

thanks. I assume the fee’s are negligible too then? its one of my biggest issues with having ETFs in an ISA, because you can’t avoid the fees and taxes paid by the ETF, so it may as well be in my general invest account xD

My pie isn’t complete yet. Some instruments need to get fractional first. Pie will consist of some Dividend Aristocrats ETFs combined with some monthly paying REITs. DRIP set to on.

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something interesting to read. you could have just 5 companies in your Pie and out perform the market year on year without needing to do a single bit of hardwork:


One problem: I refuse to invest in companies like Google and Facebook due to privacy etc.


Fees are 0.18% EMIM and 0.22% VFEM. Emerging market fees are higher then other than for other market ETFs.

I have thought hard about how to allocate investments between Invest and ISA accounts. My conclusion is that it does not matter. Comparing a US stock that pays 2% dividend and an ETF in US companies that pays 2% one finds that the after tax income is the same no matter which goes in ISA and which in Invest account. Basically you want your “best” investments to go in the ISA. It is better that £20k in ISA grows by 15% and £20k in Invest by 12% rather than the other way around. But who can say in advance which will turn out to be her best investments?

I feel I will prefer ISA for pies, since at present the record-keeping needed to properly compute capital gains tax on investments in pies that have had multiple cash additions and withdrawals feels complicated. It is something I need to work on.

I would be interested to know what others think.

I’m especially interested in investing for dividends, so I put in my portfolio several REITs.

Here are some solid ones:
Realty Income, Omega Healthcare, Federal Realty Investment, Brookfield Infrastructure Partners

Also awesome but not available as fractional yet:
W. P. Carey, STAG Industrial, Prologis

More risky, not paying dividend now due to COVID 19 situation:
Park Hotels & Resorts, EPR Properties

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I agree with this, definitely easier to only use pies on ISA, not invest. Avoids extra work later.

With regards to the 5 big companies, I agree with Chantal and avoid investing in Google and Facebook. Out of the 5 the only 2 that I would invest separately in are Microsoft and Amazon, obviously I do not reject ETFs that include the others, that would limit my choice alot.

Also, do you all think that they will outperform the market again in subsequent years?
I am starting to think that some of the large technological companies of the USA (considering also others such as Tesla or Netflix) may well be over-priced.

Finally got my pie baked! :pie: The newest video on my channel :point_down:


Nice demo! :slight_smile: Loving the kit!

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I have several pies covering my differing interests; dividends + etf for a solid backbone, bonds + commodities (excluding oil - too volatile for me) for a hedge against the downturn, and then also a growth pie not because I’m that interested more like a gamble - a cheeky tenner at the races, so to speak.

Having fun with the dodgy returns predictions, not taking them seriously:
Millionaire timeframe

Billionaire timeframe

Trillionaire timeframe

If only this would happen :thinking:

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Even better prediction:

Shame that my more realistic pies are 6.5%~12% predicted returns. We can but hope, and keep our eyes and ears open!


After that I am sure you can buy out Trading212 :rofl:

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With 26 billion trillion I’m sure I could buy out most things :thinking:

I will hope for it to happen but prepare like it won’t happen (mostly because it won’t).


lol there’s a fun project.

  1. name a pie - hostile takeover
  2. name a pie - peaceful takeover
  3. invest both pies and manage in such a way as to achieve exponential growth
  4. on the day one of the pies reaches a large enough sum to purchase a stock broker wholesale. do so in the manner of the pie’s name

LOL :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue: :money_mouth_face:


Now to find the golden egg portfolio that reasonably gives the returns to be able to do that :thinking:

Have 2 pies - growth & dividend

Would be interested to know what people have in their dividend pies? Don’t want to be so heavy on REITS & stagnating companies