How diverse is my pie
This is my current pie. Iam mainly looking for diverse investing with most growth made by reinvesting the dividends. But I also want safe (ish) low risk. Is this pie ok for that

Why etf all world +sp500+emerging markrts? They overlap:/

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I didn’t realise. I thought the s&p 500 was just the us the all world everywhere and emerging markets 3rd world stuff

You can see above the region breakdown of VHYL taken from the following page:

And, FYI, here’s the link to the data on VFEM:

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dividends it surely will provide but having 10% allocated to each individual stock maybe is a bit much imo, my suggestions would be adding companies from sectors like:
Utilities: Next Era Energy (or other utilities)
Industrials: Waste management, Automatic Data processing
Tech: Broadcom, Texas Instruments
Healthcare : abbv, bmy, jnj, mrk, Hikma

All of these are yielding decently and still have some growth potential

I wouldn’t call Shell the safest investment and I don’t know much about uk banks so can’t say anything about that. Rest seems okay but AT&T isn’t really growing tbh. Do with this information what you want but always do your own research.

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