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Your question is very tough to answer which is probably why nobody has given you a direct response. Basically the answer will depend on several factors like your personal goals and age.

It’s important to understand why you are spreading yourself out, by diversifying your portfolio you are attempting to lowering the overall risk.

By choosing stocks in different sectors you are hoping that there will be fairly low correlation between them. If say manufacturing is going down 2% and tech is going up 3%, the change in your portfolio is going to see a gain of 1%, equally weighted. This movement then in your portfolio is less than if you were 100% manufacturing or tech. Doesn’t matter whether it is up or down, risk is measured by volatility, meaning how much something moves in price.

So in our example of an equally weighted portfolio of 2 sectors, we can see it is less volatile than owning just one. Why do I talk about this, because understanding the risk reward relationship is fundamental to investing.

If your goal is to buy a safe set of stocks and let your money grow. Then academically speaking you should be invested into a globally diversified portfolio of index funds. It’s been proven that it is extremely difficult to beat “the market” by stock picking over a long time period. “The market” is usually referring to an index like the S&P500 or FTSE100. Personally this is the strategy I follow for accounts like my pension and LISA.

However, my ISA is a different story. As we have talked about previously, the more assets you have, the less risk you take on and therefore less potential for a bigger outcome (again up or down). And there are essentially only two ways to outperform a market (again up or down). Number 1, use leverage and borrow money. Or number 2, reduce the number of stocks. With both you are increasing your level of risk and therefore potential return. So what I have done in my portfolio is reduce the number of stocks, picking what I think will be big winners in the long term. I have about 12 stocks, but I’m heavily concentrated into 1 of them. This is a high-risk strategy but could potentially yield much better results in the long term (I mean it has done already, but past performance is no guarantee of future performance).

Basically, you need to figure out what you want from investing. Are you seeking much steadier growth, or are you looking to take on more active risk by picking stocks. Dividend investing is also a popular strategy. You can lie anywhere on the risk spectrum, owing only index funds, a mix of index funds and stocks or just a single stock.

This is probably all a bit disjointed as I just wrote sort of what came to mind. Nothing I’ve said should be taken as advice. Just a starting point to investigate things more. Look into index funds and make sure you understand the risk/reward relationship with picking stocks.

Feel free to ask for any clarification on anything.


Surprised not to see SolarEdge Technologies in there.

I am blind. Confirmed.

Interesting group I will have a look, although I have heard solar is a tricky one depending on subsidies etc in certain places or states? Dont know enough, i like NextEra in the broad energy space.


I’ve got 2 pies one for my ISA primary B&G funds. I invest monthly in my isa and its my leave, fund and keep pie.

Please help me with your feedback.

I am fully invested in a fintech pie with bias towards pacific/asian stocks with a couple of American. Its my fintech speculative beat the market pie.
All th3 stocks are fully researched and are all growth stocks that I personally recommend:

Please leave me your ideas and feedback.
This is my pie. It is a not UK Pie.
I invested in few undervalued German Stocks with solid Balance Sheets.
Additionally i picked some stocks with great potential in the Future.

And here ist the 9 ETF Industries Pie.
In this Pie i invest in 8 Industries and because of the lack of european companies i invest additionally in an europe ETF. This ist my pie:

Here’s my pie focused on providing a diversified long term portfolio focused on future cash flows.

Quick summary:
Approximate forward yield: 1.9%
A mix of low-cost broad market ETFs, dividend (growth) stocks, value and (European) growth stocks.

Some research which inspired me before and clarifies some of my thinking:

See graphs/infographics

Dividend/dividend growth:



I built these 4 pies to see what I can learn from each one, to work towards a final hybrid pie although I will still keep these going as they are all currently doing well at this point
Please take a look see what you think Mixed wolf pack IPO Fresh Dividend Grow Aim Jackpot

I changed some stocks. Here is the Update:

And here is my fundament Pie:

This is my Trend ETF Pie Update. It hasn’t that much overlap. Only the Healtcare Innovation and the Ageing Innovation ETF have some.

I have a new Risk Volatile Pie.

I have created a pie for microcaps companies

This pie is created on buyout from mature companies

I’m already up 20% in this pie

I have made a pie based on the upcoming ARKX Space exploration

Check it out

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