Shares Certificate

I can’t guarantee it will be accepted, but forward the email for my attention to and I’ll see what we can do.

@anon86329651 I completely appreciate that it would be at their discretion to accept it on trust, and was open with them about the situation and they said send it over and they would review it (you don’t get if you don’t ask, and all that), and if nothing comes of it then at least I tried.

I appreciate your help, and just want to say it’s a welcome change from the norm that a number of trading 212 staff engage with customers on the forums and genuinely want to help customers out and involve them where they can (betas and such).

This is interesting. Eventually if were to own 100 Apple or maybe 1 Amazon, would be cool to have a confirmation sitting somewhere, even though it’s not a certificate.

Is it possible to see an example?

I would love to see an example also :heart_eyes:

Trading 212 does not have access to the actual share certificates. We issue a document called ‘Confirmation of Holdings’ that aims to verify your portfolio’s current state. However, the same information is held both in the contract notes and the monthly statements received via email. It is portrayed in a more detailed manner there.

To receive the document in question, you have to contact our Customer Care Team and specify whether you wish to receive one for all of your holdings or only a part of them.