Paper Share Certificates

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My holdings are all online however I’ve been gifted some shares from my Grandma which are in paper form. Is there any way with Trading212 to move these shares into my online account



Hi @Alex23, welcome to the community!

Share certificates can be redeemed and converted to digital shares, most banks/brokers will do that for a fee. T212 is backed by Interactive Brokers, if they do it, most probably they will too.

As far as I know, IBKR doesn’t accept paper/physical share certificates due to costs and efficiency issues related.

You can reach out to T212, maybe they can do something.

The last option would be to redeem the physical certificates with another broker who accepts them, then do an asset transfer over to T212.

Of course this takes time will cost a few hundred dollars. Depending on how many shares you own and their value, you can make a decision to do this.


Great summary, but would like to add that trading 212 currently dint support share transfers, only cash. My opinion is seeing how much it will cost to see through a traditional broker and just deposit the cash into Trading 212. Issue with all this is tax of course.

I thought the cash transfers was only for outgoing?

In that case, the OP has to wait until they implement in specie transfers or he has to sell it or redeem it somewhere else and then transfer the money.

90% sure that it’s both ways cash only. But never tried it so can’t confirm

My fear was mentioned earlier which is the capital gains element, the shares were picked up due to employment so were nominal value. Would mean there’s a significant capital gains tax issue if I had to sell them.

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Probably best to redeem them with another broker, possibly a bank they will probably be able to do this. I imagine most large high-street banks with investment sides will offer this eg. Barclays, Santander, Deutsche Bank, BNP-Paribas, etc.

I would suggest that you ask them beforehand how much the fees are, both to redeem and to maintain in your account. If the fees are too large it might be best to keep them as paper. The disadvatage of paper I guess is that they can be lost, stolen or damaged and that if you ever want to sell them it might take time to convert to digital through a bank/broker and then sell them.