Short Selling legal?


I’ve been fooling around with the CFD training mode. I’m thinking of trying out real money as i had some good results after a couple weeks of training.

However i have a question. A couple of 212 videos talk about short selling, which is an interesting alternative. But reading here and there, it seems like it may or may not be legal. I can’t quite find an answer. But i suppose that everything you are allowed to do in training mode, you can do with real funds right ?

If i wasn’t allowed to short sell, the option wouldn’t be available right ?


short sells are currently illegal for certain markets due to coronavirus. positions already opened are unaffected but this is to tackle new short positions trying to crash the market further than it already has gone.

expect to see short sells made legal again once the turmoil and covid-19 crisis to have passed.

Thank you. Where do you get this information by ? So does that mean it is impossible to do on 212 ? The option will be blocked ?

Because, what happens if you can, but you where unaware it was not authorized ?

Thanks !


Based on what was shared further down on this thread:

Thanks, i read this thread, but i can’t find any official information. I am wondering what happens if one does an action if not allowed. Let’s say i haven’t searched about this short selling, and did it these days. What are the consequences ?

I just don’t want to do something which isn’t allowed. On this subject or another. If one isn’t aware of the most recent news/rules, what can happen ?

my understanding from T212 responses in that thread is that short selling is currently disabled for those markets so your worry does not seem possible to occur.

Ok great, thanks for the input!