Should I wait until open position turns red to green before confirming my sell position?

Should I wait until open position turns red to green before confirming my sell position?

Depends if you want to make or lose money I suppose

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depends if you want to sell at a loss :roll_eyes:

That had to be the same message at the same time

lol, as I hit reply I saw your comment too.

I guess it just goes to show that people need to learn about the markets and how to invest, before jumping in.

keep seeing these type of questions, and it’s worrying because it could end up making someone loose a lot of money due to lack of knowledge or understanding

If your talking about normal shares then when you sell is when it will be actioned “during market hours” as long as someone is buying they will immediately sell. If your talking about a pie investment it can be slower but if your selling all shares just hit the x to close the position when your comfortable

Just answered about the practice account and now I understand why its here, my advice back out of the real money hold your funds and go use the practice account for a while. Nothing will change when you come back to it in a few months there will always be a drama of some sort affecting share prices

I don’t think this forum is helpful no close to answering my question

Under the result section, you will see a live preview of how your shares are performing.
If the result is showing a positive number, then you are in profit - so you will sell for a gain.
If the result is showing a negative number, then you are at a loss - so you will sell for a loss.

You can sell at any time, but your returns will depend on whether your shares are in profit (GREEN) or are at a loss (RED).

The image below shows a position, where if I were to close at that moment, would result in a LOSS of £0.09p

Hope this answers your question.
Remember to play about in the practice mode first, you can experiment there for free.

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Maybe go into more detail about your question as the one listed has been answered several times?
If its close to both then you risk selling at a loss even if its green or selling at a profit even if its red due to the quick changes

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If its stocks you will also need to allow for your stamp duty