Show in which pies a stock is present

I have about 20 pies with 30 stocks on average. Sometimes I want to get rid of a specific stock, when I filter I can see the stock but I have no clue where to access it when it is contained in one or more pies. It means I should open all the pies one by one and go over all their holdings to find out where it is in order to sell that company stock. This is a very time-consuming task.
It would be nice when you click on the stock, the position is split over manual and the pie names. Even better if the pies are linked.

I think it would be better to rationalise your portfolio. 600ish individual stocks is surely far too many.

Why are 600 too many? If you consider the pies as an alternative for etfs or mutual funds and you would have picked, let’s say 10 mutual funds, you would probably also have hundreds of underlying positions. Now you are really in charge of which stocks are being picked every day and you can kind of create your own ETFs and track their performance on a pie by pie basis. Which seems a good way to use the pies IMHO.

It’s kind of investing in the index but excluding the junk for example. You get the diversification of a big index but you leave out the stocks that do not match the criteria or allocate a lower exposure to stocks that are less of an optimal match (or overexpose you to a specific sector).