Please add Sigma Lithium not to be confused with Sigmatron corporation of the same ticker.

Thank you

Canadian exchanges aren’t facilitated on the platform as yet, however the OTC stock has now been added;


@Joey_Fantana, are you referring to Canada OTC stocks have been added?

If yes, how do I find them on the platform?

Because I’m interested in Canada stocks.

Do you guys have exact period when you plan to add the Canadian exchanges to the 212 platform ? I mean on the INVESTING platform.

Hi @Deking

I’m not an employee of T212.

What I mean from the above is, you’ve mentioend two tickers - one is a Canadian stock, the other is an OTC stock.

T212 do not have access to Canadian exchanges currently so that TSX stock cannot be added.

They do have access to OTC markets, so long as the stock meets certain criteria. In this instance SGMLF has met the criteria and was added to the platform yesterday.

I am unsure however if this was added to the EU platform, if that is what you are using.

Thank you for reply. The post wasn’t originally from me, but it interest me that’s why I commented on it.

Yes I can see the ticker : SGMLF : OTC, on my platform as well.

You raise another point I would like to know more about, I don’t reside in Europe. Do we have EU & NON- EU platforms ? If there was, could it be the reason why I don’t have access to Canada exchanges ?

Thank you.

212 as a whole don’t have access to TSX or Canada.

Since registration opened up again a month or so ago new members are being onboarded via CySec and not as per the UK entity, for now the list of available securities is restricted, although 212 are working to get them level with each other.

No-one in the 212 framework has access to Canada.


Thank you so much for the information. Appreciate

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