Silver Physical

What’s the best silver & gold shares on T212 that tracks physical price?

I was using the below from last 3 months.

For Silver:
Wisdom tree physical silver (PHSP) and
Xtrackers Physical Silver EUR Hedged (XAD2)

With the second one, it also depends on the FX rates between GBP and EUR.

For Gold, i am using the below 3
WisdomTree Physical Gold
WisdomTree Physical Swiss Gold (~= 3 grams of the spot price in dollars)
iShares Physical Gold (I felt this is slightly stable)

You need to do some analysis before picking as there are others available and search in google with the ISIN number to read the brochure for the fund.


Do you mean less stable or more stable?

In my opinion it is more stable and not much price fluctuation.
Check the last 3 month graph.