Some Uranium mining stocks listed on American stock exchange

Uranium is a highly depressed sector currently and there are some cheap deep valued uranium mining companies listed on US American stock exchange that will be good to have on the platform as part of the next additions:

  1. Energy Fuels ticker UUUU
  2. UR Energy ticker URG
  3. Uranium Energy Corp ticker UEC

and also one London stock exchange listed company Yellow Cake ticker YCA

Thanks a lot!!

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All stocks will be available for trading today!

Thank you Martin - I forgot to add one uranium stock which is again on the same exchanges as above and is NexGen symbol NXE - if this can be added please would be most grateful!

Any chances to change name displayed in app? Instead of yellow we have yelloy cake

I’ve just changed the name & thank you for being watchful.

P.S: NexGen will be available today as well! :v:

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That’s awesome! Thanks Martin